Monday, July 19, 2004


Nader is getting really desperate

This is from my Diary at Daily Kos, it was posted Thu Jul 16th, 2004 at 00:05:28 EDT 
Here's Nader attempting to show he still has support among the Green party:

More than 500 Green Party leaders signed a statement of support drafted by Camejo,  Gonzalez and Jason West,  Mayor of New Paltz,  NY.  Among the signers are Green presidential candidates Carol Miller and Lorna Salzman,  former Lt. Governor Candidate Donna Warren,  Kevin McKeown,  Mayor Pro Tem of Santa Monica,  CA and many Green elected officials,  party leaders and activists from across the United States.

The list of signers is at:
Among those "Green Party Leaders" include: Adam M. Helfgott International Socialist, Gabriel Smith Republican, and Thomas Sparks who states "I hate the Goverment but the greens are just dumb asses".  Though even if all of the 532 petition signers were Green party members who support Nader (which is obviously not the case) 532 signature is nothing to brag about, in fact it's just embarrassing. Nader is currently is beating the "Anti Avril Lavigne Movie Petition" by 56 signatures. He is losing to the "Pardon Martha Stewart Petition" by 14,034 signatures, and he is losing to the " SAVE FAMILY GUY Petition" by 137,099 signatures.

Clearly Nader has very little support, and is just looking for any information he can find to distort, twist, and lie to make it look like his campaign is not a complete failure.

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