Monday, March 07, 2005


Blogs For Bush, Exploiting 9/11, and Porno

So I was wasting time going through different sites when I found the following ad on a site called "Blogs for Bush"

The September 11th on the ad is flashing. The way they ad exclamation points in their advertisment and use smiling models for their terrible product made me want to throw up.

First off, how desperate for money are you that you would allow an ad like that on your site? Do the people who advertise for this site have any integrity at all?

They say a portion of their profits (which we all know means .000001%) goes to "The Kitchen Table Gang" which according to California's AG is not a charitable organization in California (where they're located).

The site itself according to WhoIs was registered by BottleRocket Media. A google search for "BottleRocket Media" comes up with 80 results, all of the porno.

The guy behind the site was using the account name "erock72" to discuss and defend his site on A google search for "erock72" comes up with 128 results, a majority of them were his registration account at porno sites.

So it seems Blogs For Bush is accepting ads from people trying to make some money exploiting a national tradgedy, which will then go to the porn industry.

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