Thursday, March 24, 2005


CNN Thoughts

I'm just sitting here bored, watching CNN, for the first time in months. Here some thoughts:

Pat Robertson is a hack. He says he's for state rights and keeping the federal government out of state issues. Then he starts bashing the federal courts for not overturning the state court's decision. He also spoke about how great George Bush, Jeb Bush and the Republican congress are, it's just those evil "activist" courts that are murdering a dead woman.

Pat Robertson asking what comes next after Schiavo? Murdering people because they're in a wheel chair? What a ass.

17 minutes into Inside Politics, they've talked about nothing but Schiavo.

76% of conservatives say government should stay out of Schiavo case. Haha.

Coming up next.... MORE SCHIAVO POLLS!

The latest on Schiavo tonight on CNN!

The latest on Schiavo polls, coming up next!

HAHA, Bush apporval rating down from 49 to 43. Congress approval rating down 7 points.

Among sane people (people who don't want politicians involved in Schivao) Bush's approval rating is 39%.

My god, 20 seconds before the break to commercial they must have said "Schiavo" 7 or 8 times.

MoveOn commercial about the filibuster rule, not that bad, though the line about judges who are against "people like you" bugged me. Do people really fall for that line?

Lou Dobbs came on in the middle of Inside Politics to advertise his show. At least they finally talked about something other then Schiavo.

Tonight on Lou Dobbs! Iraq is greatly improving! Only 9 U.S. soldiers are dying each week this month instead of 15! Yahoo!

Back to Inside Politics, more Schiavo.

Going to commercial! More on Schiavo! Then Are bloggers blogging Schiavo? What the hell is wrong with CNN? A news reporter giving a report on news reporters is not news! What's next? "Coming up next, we'll see what's on MSNBC".

My god, there's 10 minutes left, they're not going to talk about ANYTHING other then Schiavo.

Blog reporter? WTF? What qualifications do you need for that? Read other people's writings?

There are 4 cameras circling these 2 idiots reading blogs. This is by far the laziest thing I've ever seen on CNN.

FINALLY! They read 2 blogs discussing discussing the possible FCC regulations on the internet.

More! After the break, we'll talk about Harris and the Florida Senate race. So there you go. 55 minutes of Schiavo. 5 minutes of politics. That's Inside Politics for ya.

Well, I gotta go. I feel dirty after watching that. I hate CNN. I'm so sick of this Schiavo crap. AP, CNN, MSNBC, everywhere, It's non stop talk about a woman who died 15 years ago.

O, and sorry you wasted your time reading me blogging CNN. I had no ideas for any posts today, and it was either this, or repsponding to some Schiavo cartoons that piss me off. I chose the lazier one.

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