Monday, March 07, 2005


Dean raises 3.4 mil for Dems in 3 weeks

Dean and Dems

WASHINGTON - The Democratic National Committee raised $3.4 million in three weeks — more than double the amount raised during the same time in 2001 after President Bush was first elected, the new Democratic chairman said Monday.

"We're just delighted the fund raising is going better than we had dared to hope," Dean said Monday in a phone interview. "We haven't put out an Internet solicitation yet."

Dean said he expects to begin soliciting money through the Internet "sooner rather than later" and said the party will depend heavily on its base of small donors.

Hopefully stories like this will end the CW that seemed to be going around that Dean was somehow bad for the party. Whn Dean was elected party chairman, this was the kind of crap that was being said about him...

Or drawn about him, whatever. As if electing Dean would be the end of the Democratic party. Does anyone actually elect candidates based on their party's chairman? The party chairman's job is to smile on election night and raise money. Dean is great at raising money, he'll work on his smiling later.

Seriously how can it be dammaging to have a party chairman who dominated nine opponents in fund raising during the primaries. The establishemnet donors will give to the party no matter who is the party chairman. Dean opens the doors for donations from a whole new segment that a 60 year old DLC republicrat who doesn't know how to use the internets could never bring in.

In short, Dean may not be the best candidate to come on Inside Politics once a month and deliver the parties daily talking points, but he is the best person to raise money for a party that is already losing to the Republicans 6-1 in cash on hand.

BTW, I don't know if posting political cartoons that piss me off is going to become a reoccuring theme on this blog.

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