Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Frist Flopping

Well keeping with my new "post w/e" philosophy for this blog. I decided to be extra lazy today and just take a secreen shot of PoliticalWire's front page today. Some may call it stealing other's hard work, but I say, why do the work when someone else already did it? Besides, atleast this way I'm giving PoliticalWire 3 links instead of stealing the articles they found as some may do.

If you wanted to go to the post's links, here's the top and bottom links to those posts on PoliticalWire.

Now as for Frist, if he somehow gets the Republican nomination in 2008 after this stunt, we have to hammer him with this. He's going against his own convictions and his party's own platform. Frist is a hypocrite and - as 67 percent of the country believs - a political oppurtunist with no integrity whatsoever.

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