Saturday, March 05, 2005


Manufactured Crisis

I can't stand the media. The line that the media is liberal is BS, the media isn't liberal they're just lazy whores (and I'm not just talking about Jeff Gannon) who do whatever it takes to get the biggest audience possible with the least amount of work or integrity.

Take Social Security. Two months ago noone gave social security a second thought. You work till your 65 and then you get a get paid back the money you put into the program. That was it. Then Bush comes out and says the death of social security is immenent, then we get crap like this...

Over night social security goes from a program designed to make sure American seniors never have to live in poverty again as a result of a bad turn in the economy, to some trick designed to hurt America. WTF? Did I miss something?

It seems if Bush walked out tommorow and said "the sky is falling" the next day the media would be debating when it will fall, what should be done about it, and generally trying to scare the crap out of Americans. Oh, and don't forget blaming Clinton, that's always a fun one.

It just pisses me off that the media is 8 inches up Bush's ass. Bush comes out and says in a hypothetical universe, the social security trust fund will run out in half a century, so the only solution is 2 trillion dollars in deficit spending to change the program so it gives people less benefits. Then the media actually debates the merits of such a propasal, instead of Bush's sanity.

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