Friday, March 25, 2005


Religious Right, Mounting Casualties, Red Lake

I decided not to respond to the political cartoons that pissed me off. Instead, here are some I like. The first one actually made me laugh.


When it's not Schiavo it will be Michael Jackson, or Martha Stewart. If you look below I watched Inside Politics the other day. The words "Iraq" and "war" were not mentioned once. The media's a joke, I don't see why conservatives hate CNN so much. CNN does their best to whore themselves out to every car chase, celebrity scandal, or anything that will get ratings. CNN doesn't care about Iraq, the deficit, cutting social programs. They only care about ratings. Then again, conservatives hated Bill Clinton with a passion for decreasing the size of government and balancing the budget, but love Dubya for creating the largest deficit in history and greatly increasing the size of government.

Interesting point. Comparisons like that can't be said enough. I'm suprosed it's not being mentioned much in relation to this school shooting. Though thinking about it, I didn't hear much about this shooting at all. There were a couple articles on it the day it happened. Then there were some follow up articles on the kid, and that was it. Is it that no one's interested in school shootings anymore? Is it that the media and the politicians don't feel like looking at a dead woman and the security of our schools at the same time? Or maybe it's as Eminem said...
when a dudes gettin bullied and shoots up the school
and they blame it on marylin and the heroine
where were the parents at? and look where its at?
Middle America Now its a tradegy now its so sad to see,
an upper class city, havin this happenin
Maybe they don't want to give this attention because it happened on a reservation, and not in a rich white suburban community? I don't know. I'm just typig what I'm thinking about.

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