Monday, March 21, 2005


Schiavo Case In Pictures

Normal Brain:

Terri Schiavo's Brain:

As Sebastian said on Fark:

"she's not "brain dead" she has NO CEREBRAL CORTEX. That means she has no thoughts or feelings or reactions. She cannot do anything consciously. If someone were to shove a burger in her mouth, she would choke. She is only alive because she has a feeding tube providing her bod with nutrients. The only part of her brain that is alive is the brain stem. The brain stem controls breathing, heart beat, and the unconcious things that keep you alive. If the tube was removed, she would not "feel" pain."

Though that didn't stop Republicans from turning this into a political issue

Too bad the country is against them. 63 percent of people support removing her feeding tube. 70 percent believe it is inappropriate for congress to get involved. 67 of people thing Delay and congress are getting involved to take political advantage of the situation.

Speaking of Delay...

Tom Delay who was leading the fight in the Congress to get involved says the constitution is the basis for getting involved? Apparently Delay hasn't read the 10th amendment. Is anyone at all buying this crap? Does anyone really believe the founders of the constitution wanted congress to interfere and make decisions about individual's medical cases? What's next? Forcing people to go through chemo therapy?

Then there are the protestors who are wasting their time protesting against letting a dead person die...

You know, that's a real insult to people who are actually disabled. How do you think a soldier who just lost his leg would like being compared to a permanently unconscious woman with NO CEREBRAL CORTEX? Ass.

What a great question! I wonder if anyone's ever asked it? O wait, apparently ABC News did...
"If you were in this condition, would you want to be kept alive, or not?"
Kept Alive - 8
Not Kept Alive - 87
Unsure - 4

Why does Mr. Schiavo have children with another woman? Because after years of hoping for the best he realized the obvious. The the woman he fell in love with and married is dead. All that's there is a body. I can't stand these assholes who think they know Terri better then the man who's been with her for the last 2 decades.

The world needs Terri Shiavo? You had no clue who she was a month ago! You read an article a week ago and came out to waste your time protesting against killing a person who's already dead. This case has been going on for 7 years, family, friends, doctors have all been testifying for at numerous court hearings, and next to no one knew about it. But now all of a sudden since the media has picked up on this story the world all of a sudden needs Terri Schiavo?

Oh, and one more thing....


Where is the outrage from the pro-life crowd? Where are the protests? Where is the Republican congress? Does this baby not matter because it's a black woman's child? Or is it because the law the judge ruled allowed the doctors to kill the baby was signed by Governor George W. Bush.

Here's the link...Baby Murdering George W. Bush

One last thing...

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