Sunday, March 13, 2005


Support Our Ribbons

Supporting Troops Via Bumper Magnets
SHAWNEE, Kan. - Sandra Wetmore, lover of country and supporter of troops, wanted a simple way to show her allegiances. So, like many other Americans, she put them on her bumper, sticking on a yellow, ribbon-shaped magnet that pleads "Support Our Troops" and others promising "United We Stand" and "God Answers Prayers." These magnetic ribbons have become fixtures on highways across the country, a symbol of people looking for ways to show support of the men and women overseas, or of issues such as breast cancer research and autism awareness.
"It's very positive," said Wetmore, 59, of Kansas City, Kan.

"I think it's immediate, I think it's cheap and I think it's something that you can say 'Well, I'm doing something,'" said Wichita State University sociologist Ron Matson
No your not, your not doing anything. If you were raising money to buy our troops armor, you'd be doing something. If you were volunteering at a veterans hospital, you'd be doing something. If you were donating to the international red cross, you'd be doing something. If you bought a car that gets 60 miles to the gallon, you'd be doing something. If you were staying well-informed of the situation in Iraq and writing newspapers and elected officials about it, you'd be doing something. What your doing is giving a couple dollars to some company who makes cheap magnets in china and sells them in gas stations looking to make a quick buck off of people looking for the easiest, cheapest way possible to "support our troops".

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