Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Surprise Surprise

So I wake up to this... Iraq Soldiers May Be Among 41 Bodies Found

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqi officials said Wednesday that 41 bodies — some bullet-riddled, others beheaded — have been found at two sites, and they believe some of the corpses are Iraqi soldiers kidnapped and killed by insurgents. At least 30 American contractors, meanwhile, were wounded by a suicide bombing near a hotel.

In another attack, interim Planning Minister Mahdi al-Hafidh escaped assassination after gunmen opened fire on his convoy in Baghdad. One of his guards was killed and two others were wounded, police said.

A U.S. soldier was killed and another was injured Wednesday when a roadside bomb detonated as they were patrolling in the capital, the military said.

Authorities found 26 of the corpses late Tuesday in a field near Rumana, a village about 12 miles east of the western city of Qaim, near the Syrian border, police Capt. Muzahim al-Karbouli and other officials said.

Each of the bodies had been riddled with bullets — apparently several days earlier. They were found wearing civilian clothes and one of the dead was a woman, al-Karbouli said.

South of Baghdad in Latifiya, Iraqi troops on Tuesday found 15 headless bodies in a building inside an abandoned former army base, Defense Ministry Capt. Sabah Yassin said. The bodies included 10 men, three women and two children. Their identities, like the others found in western Iraq, were not known.

Is any of this a suprise? No. Normally I wouldn't even bother bringing any attention to articles like this. If I posted all the articles I read discussing everything that's going wrong in Iraq, there would be 100+ articles a month, and this blog would become very boring very fast. The reason I'm bringing attention to one of these "another 100 dead in Iraq" stories is because of what's been in the news recently.

Jon Stewart on the Daily Show has been telling his audience he's starting to believe Bush was right all along. After 2 years of occupation, 2 years of ignoring Al Queda, 1500+ U.S. soldiers dead, 100,000s of Iraqi civilians dead, and 200 billion dollars they had a day where only 50 people died when every major city is under martial law. The Iraqis get 40 percent turnout where they give a majority to a party that wants an Iranian style theocracy, and Bush goes from moron to genius. Did I miss something? We didn't find WMDs, Saddam was never a threat to anyone, there were no links to Al Queda, every reason Bush gave for going to war has been proven a lie. Bush didn't announce fall 2002 that we were going to occupy a country for up to a decade so we could force a single country to have a government similar to ours.

Then there's the claim that Bush killing 100,000+ civilians in Iraq has started a domino effect of democracy across the middle east. On "liberal" ABC last night they said kids years from now could be learning in class about the great George W. Bush who single handedly democratized the middle east. That's right children, cheat on that test, because the ends justifies the means. Even if the ends result in a F because you were copying off of little Dick who full of crap, doesn't study, and is, in fact, evil. Wait, what was I talking about? OK, back to the rant, cartoonists (and 24 hour news hacks) are saying crap like this:

I don't know where to begin with everything that's wrong with this cartoon. First off what's Bush's "democracy fertilizer"? Bombs, killing, and long occupation of two countries?

Next, Ukraine? WTF did Bush do to create Democracy in Ukraine? The opposition candidate was poisoned, became a man of the people, he lost the election, people protested in huge numbers over the suspected fraud in the election, the world took notice, they held another election, the opposition candidate won. Where was Bush in that? Bush didn't even mention Ukraine until it became a world wide news story.

Next, Egypt. They said they'll hold an election and allow opposition. There's a big difference between a free and fair election in a democracy and just holding an election. Iraq held an election under Saddam where he got 99.5% of the vote. I'll believe the hype when I see the elections.

Next, Syria. Ummmm, did I miss something? Nothing's changed in Syria.

Next Lebanon. It took the assassination of the prime minister for several thousand people in Lebanon to protest the Syrian occupation. Bush had nothing to do with this.

Next, Palestine. They held elections because Arafat is dead. Arafat was a key obstacle to middle east peace. Unless Bush killed Arafat, Bush is had nothing to do with this. If Arafat had died during the Clinton administration, the Palestinians would have a state by now. Arafat rejected every plan Clinton brought forth.

Last, Afghanistan. Outside of the major cities the country is controlled by Taliban and Al Queda war lords.

As for Iraq, as I already stated above, 40 percent turnout electing a party that wants Iraq's constitution to be based on Islamic law.

Some garden.

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