Saturday, April 23, 2005


Chuck Asay Is A Hack

I hate to see cartoons like this because Chuck Asay is one of the better editorial cartoonists. Though he's obviously a Republican, he's a good artist, and rarely resorts to the obvious garbage other cartoonists pull (example: Look! It's Clinton's Lie-brary! HAHAHAHA!).

That's why I hate to see him whore himself out in favor of every invented crisis the Republicans pull out of their ass. The cartoon above is a perfect example of him drawing an asinine piece of garbage to support the Republicans invented crisis. In this case, it's getting every insane activist judge on to the bench, instead of just 95 percent of them. First off, I'd give Johnny an F for such a stupid response. Next, if most American voters actually took a civics class, then they would know about the filibuster. Then when they voted for their senator, they were assuming they'd send that senator into a legislative body with a filibuster. The only way the Democrats wouldn't have the consent of the governed to filibuster 1 out of every 20 judges nominated is if the American people are so stupid (as Chuck Asay thinks they are) that they had no idea senators could filibuster a judicial nominee, and were some how tricked when they went to the polls.

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