Wednesday, April 13, 2005


GOP: Let's Raise Our Kid's Taxes!

GOP seeks to give tax break to the top 1 percent of dead people.
WASHINGTON - House Republicans[..] effort to repeal the estate tax has itself succumbed three different times upon reaching the Senate. This year, though, four additional GOP votes give supporters hope of eliminating it. [...]

In 2004, the government collected $24.8 billion from the estate tax, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service. The number of estates that owed tax in 2003 amounted to 1.25 percent of deaths the previous year.
For Christ's sake, what the fuck is wrong with the Republicans??? Bush is running a 400 billion dollar deficit and he's looking to give a tax cut specifically to the top 1 percent of dead guys??? Apparently it's more moral to the Republicans to strap a newborn baby with a birth tax to pay off rather then taxing some old rich dead tycoon.

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