Sunday, April 03, 2005


Little Green Footballs = Lying Hacks

This is the second time I visited a right wing blog in the last month, this is my second post on right wing blogs. So I visit this site called Little Green Footballs . And the 4th post down I see the most obvious lie I've ever seen in my life. Here's the post:

The inmates of Democratic Underground mark the pope’s passing in their inimitable fashion, by hoping the President will be next: Democratic Underground Forums - The psychics were right about the Pope & hopefully will b right about Bush. (Hat tip: NC.)

These people really are sick.

UPDATE at 4/2/05 4:24:08 pm:

Democratic Underground, of course, isa Google News source. Apparently, wishing for the death of the President (and this is far from the first thread at DU where this has happened) doesn’t qualify as “hate speech” to Google News.

There's a post at DU wishing the president was dead? And people are agreeing with it? That's a pretty serious charge, and outrageous if true. So I go look at the post the hack who runs Little Green Footballs was talking about and it says the following:
I read on a thread somewhere that the psychics predicted that the Pope wouldn't live through the month of April and sadly they were right. The Pope will be missed.

The thread also discussed that Bush WOULD NOT BE pResident in the fall and I'M PRAYING that it comes to fruition. (I always pray for Senator Kerry and Senator Edwards that they have a successful impeachment of Hitler) What other thoughts do all of you have?

If you want to be offended that the writer called Bush Hitler, or the pResident, that's one thing. Though where did the writer say he wanted Bush dead? LGF logic = DU said they want Bush out of office, that means they want him DEAD!!!! (Ignore the word "impeach" twice posted). The owner of LGF most have a real contempt for his visitors if he's willing to blatently and obviously to his readers.

BTW, I read the comments, same as the original post, plenty of people want Bush impeached, not one person says they want Bush dead.

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