Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Mallard Fillmore Is a Terrible Comic

This comic is in our campus newspaper and has been pissing me off for a while. My problem isn't that it's conservative, I have no problem with a comic balancing out Boondocks. But Boondocks has multiple well drawn characters with different personalities in different scenery. Mallard Fillmore is just a poorly drawn duck head giving the author's political opinions.

The above comic is typical of Mallard Fillmore. No real jokes, just partisan hackery. I don't know where to begin with what's wrong with the above comic. Citing some advocacy group as the central theme of your comic. The term "typical American family". The sheer ignorance of stating that the purpose of the Democratic party is to raise all American's taxes. The fact that Republicans are the ones strapping every child with a "birth tax" as a result of the massive debt they're racking up now.

For comparisons sake, here's today's Boondocks:

This is a pretty typical Boondocks cartoon. Two characters with two different personalities. There's actually a joke in it. As for the artistic aspect, there's grass, trees, pants, coats, sweatshirts, and two full characters walking all in color. Mallard Fillmore on the other hand, as I said, is just a black and white very simply drawn duck head. Today's comic also happens to have about 3 1/4 human heads.
Bruce Tinsly is a hack.
4/25/05 Update: Here's today's Mallard Fillmore:
Malard Filmore is a hack.

Malard Fillmore is a hack.
Like usual, it's just a poorly drawn duck head giving the authors political opinions. So what's the political point Bruce Tinsley is trying to make with this comic? That the media won't report on what "these data say" that women earn as much as men. That seems like a pretty amazing story, for decades women have earned less. So what data is he citing? A conservative writers op-ed from over a month ago. So basically he's angry because Brian Williams isn't planning on opening the show tonight discussing what names Ann Coulter called liberals a month ago. It's bad enough that he couldn't cite any study to promote his world view, but the op-ed piece he cited didn't even discuss men vrs. women's income.
Mallard Filmore is a hack.
Tinsley must have a real contempt for his readers if he thinks they'll believe whatever BS he can pull out of his ass. He proves the media is liberal because they don't report his view that women make the same amount as men. His proof is a month old conservative op-ed piece that doesn't discuss men and women's income.
Mallerd Fillmore is a hack.
I can't believe anyone would actually put this hack in their newspaper.
Malerd Fillmore is a hack.

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