Friday, May 06, 2005


Helping The Poor Is A Sin

It Begins: Dems "Excommunicated" From Church
"One of the local women who got excommunicated said on TV that it was like a cult. Another man who got excommunicated said that the rest of the congregation stood up and applauded as the Democrats were told to leave."
I been saying for the last several days, this shit is not about religion. It's about a narrow-mined world view. So basically, if you support the poor and less fortunate, if your against the war and your against the death penalty, if you don't support tax cuts for the rich, and if you treat others as you'd want to be treated, your an evil sinner who must either repent for your wicked ways or leave the church. Is this what Jesus would do? Turn away anyone who is against war, and wants to help the poor? No. That's why I said, this shit has NOTHING to do with religion.

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