Saturday, October 15, 2005


Mike Lester is a hack

I've been wanting to do this post for months. Mike Lester has got to be one of the worst editorial cartoonists in the country. His cartoons are always hacky and he's not even a good artist. Chuck Asay is occasionally hacky but I respect him as a talented artist artist. As for Mike Lester, the hole in the face for a mouth and squigly lines for hair amounts to the ability and technique you'd expect from a second grader.

As I've already stated, it took me a while to finally do this post. Almost all his cartoons are hacky, but this particular one was just so over the top asinine that I had to comment on it.

What is Lester trying to say with this cartoon? He's stating that it's better to pick a friend for a position of power that will effect 300 million American lives for multiple decades. Though he's not just saying the best person for the job is a friend, his cartoon basically ridicules anyone who disagrees with him. Picking a complete stranger? What a ridiculous idea! Idiot.

I have a cousin who's pretty good at soccer, best player I know. Though if I was in charge of creating the U.S. national soccer team I wouldn't pick him, I'd pick strangers. Loyalty does not make up for lack of experience, that was made very clear with Brownie's miserable failings. At the very least her relationship to the president should be a non factor, but to assert that it's a qualification is absurd.

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